2 Degrees Coffee Ready & Go

Ahmed Shaie

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Designer: Leandro Palencia
Project Type: Produced, Commercial
Work Client: 2 degrees Packaging
Location: Cali, Colombia
Packaging Contents: Coffee
Materials: Paper, Plastic, Aluminium
Article Source: Packaging Of The World





2 degrees is a health food company which mission is more than just to eat well, every time you buy one of its products a child in the world is getting a plate of food, so, rather than help you maintain your good health, you are helping children in need. The company wanted to expand its product portfolio, so it created the Coffee Ready & Go, a coffee with the highest standards of natural processing created to expand this great mission to help, so that the company required a design unique packaging and that captured at the point of sale immediately in bright colors, with clean design, to keep the essence of the brand




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