Shaie Designs is a Melbourne based freelance design studio. We work with clients to help build their brand through design strategy, founded by Ahmed Shaie in 2011. Ahmed has a Bachelor of Design from RMIT University in Melbourne, majoring in Landscape Architecture.

Majority of his design skills are self-taught through years of practice and experience with both client and university projects.

Being the founder and creative designer at Shaie Designs, Ahmed doesn’t only produce design creativity but also offers brand consultancy to start-ups, local small businesses and non-profit organisations to excel their brand objectives.

Our objectives are to create brand identities and graphic designs that work well with modern branding solutions. In a saturated market, it is vital for a business to clearly and visibly; brand them in a way to let customers know what their motives and USP (Unique Selling Points) are.

First impressions are everything in today’s fast-paced world. My goal as a designer is to help make that first impression as best as possible through design. When it comes to design, I strive to be simple enough to be modern and up-to-date, but just complex enough to be interesting


Image Source: SouthSouthWest
Image Source: SouthSouthWest

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What do clients expect?


We respect and take pride in working together with you and your business so that we can understand your business objectives and your target audience to help build your brand’s image through design strategy.


Trust is not given but earned. Shaie Designs isn’t where it is today without the full confidence and trust in which we value to our clients and their projects. We understand that to allow us to manage and formalise a design solution that fits your requirements, we have to earn a level of trust in making sure that you have full confidence in us, handling and being responsible for the work we produce. A business you can trust is surely a business to partner with for success


We are fully committed in producing work at a high standard, on budget and on target