Marketing Campaign for the McSalmon



I’m a designer that happens to also enjoy cooking. One of my New Year’s, resolution for 2016 was to eat clean and exercise daily.

In a health conscious era and a society that thrives on fast food ready meals. I took upon the liberty in creating a healthy burger option for the world’s leading fast food restaurant chain, McDonalds.

I prepared myself a salmon burger made of 2 Atlantic salmon patties on a Kaiser roll bun. I often share the outcome of my culinary skills to my friends and followers of Shaie Designs on social media.

The idea suddenly appeared when I took a photo of the salmon burger and though myself. Why don’t I pitch this tasty burger to the marketing team at McDonalds Australia.

To look appealing and professional as a designer, I had to create a marketing campaign and mockups to convince that my product can be marketable.


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NOTE: This is only a mockup concept for design purposes. This project is not commissioned nor is it related in any form to McDonalds Corporations.