Premier League unveils new logo

Ahmed Shaie

The Premier League have marked their new multi-million pound television deal with a brand new logo, though the design leaves a lot to be desired.

Arguably the most drastic change to the logo ever, it now features just the head of the iconic EPL lion, with Premier League written in bold beneath it. Designed by DesignStudios, the company’s CEO Paul Stafford said of the new logo: “Our aim was to create an identity that acknowledges everyone who plays a part in one of the most exciting leagues in the world. With a fresh, new take on the iconic lion, we’ve created an identity that’s purpose-built for the demands of the modern world. While staying true to the Premier League’s history and heritage.”

The Premier League’s managing director Richard Masters said of the change: “We are very pleased with the outcome: a visual identity which is relevant, modern and flexible that will help us celebrate everyone that makes the Premier League.”


But with the league’s new TV deal somehow leading to ticket prices around the country rising, football fans aren’t best pleased that so much money has been invested into giving the league an expensive makeover. This, coupled with the new logo being far from easy on the eye, means that many are today taking to the likes of Facebook and Twitter to criticise the move.

The logo has also been adapted for use on Premier League clubs’ shirts, though if anything it looks even worse on a sleeve than it does on paper:


But regardless of our thoughts on the matter, it looks like the EPL are sticking with the new logo, along with their continued quest to make purchasing a ticket for a football match increasingly financially irresponsible.

EPL_Logo epl-logo
Article Source: CraveOnline